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Consciousness Cooking Workshops

GRACE Inc. conducts workshops on consciousness cooking.

The purpose of this activity is to promote a healthy lifestyle.  “You are what you eat” goes the old saying, but has anyone stopped for a while and thought how true that is? Trillions of cells in our body demand a constant supply of energy in the form of food or nutrients. Food not only affects the energy levels of the cells but by extension, many others aspects of an individual such as mood, thinking capacity or brain power, sleeping habits, longevity and general health. Thus healthy food not only contains the nutritional values of the ingredients, but also the consciousness behind preparing the food.

logoGRACE Inc., in collaboration with various health, wellness and other communities within Universities, conducts weekly workshops that show how to prepare simple and quick vegetarian dishes based on natural Herbal and ancient Ayurvedic recipes. The demonstration explores the connection between food, consciousness and happiness. One can discover the deeper level of relationship with food and appreciate the whole process of cooking and eating. The workshops also give lot of tips for cooking, health and wellbeing. Each workshop is generally 2-hour evening time training program usually held from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. It involves presentation and various facts about healthy nutritious and simple to cook recipes, cooking demonstration, question and answer session, and tasting the menu time. 


The lesson is divided in three sections:

Pre-cooking Presentation :

It involves a Media presentation about nutrition values, food for body, mind and soul, ingredients of recipes, nutrient and health values. The attendees are provided with handouts in each session regarding the contents covered in the lesson.


Cooking Demonstration :

It involves the real time demonstration of recipes. Each student or a couple of students is in charge of a cooking station consisting of all paraphernalia for cooking. The instructor then demonstrates step by step in front of all the recipients. There are helping volunteers for a group of station to address any questions or in general help the participants.

Ayurvedic & Yogic Cooking Classes

Post Cooking Tasting Time and Q/A :

The prepared recipe is distributed to the participants for tasting and this section involves the question and answer session where the participants ask questions and share their doubts.

Menu includes recipes like “Minestrone Soup”, “Indian Bhel Puri”, “Indian Flat Bread” etc. Event is publicized using posters, flyer distribution, and online including emails, groups, Facebook, Twitter etc.


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