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In today’s fast paced and competitive corporate world, the executives, managers and team leaders usually have more mental work than physical, which gives rise to so much stress, causing a great loss to their health in personal life and leads to loss of efficiency and cleavage in relationships in professional life. GRACE is a value-based organization for grooming enlightened principle-centered cheerful leaders by educating them in several areas.

GRACE offers weekly seminars and courses under the governing theme of the principle centered leadership to help individuals learn and obtain the following skills and merits:

Bringing balance between individual and professional life

Achieving peace of mind to focus on duties and improve performance

Obtaining the unique techniques from ancient ayurvedic texts to eliminate stress and negativity

Obtaining the simple tips to resolve inner conflicts and improve physical and mental health through the understanding of the soul

Changing attitude and outlook to life for converting distress to eustress

Training the meditation and yoga techniques to go beyond depression and avoid hypertension

Developing calm, clear, and creative thinking

Our seminars are conducted on Friday evenings. All topics discussed during meetings are related to personality development and leadership. To enhance the individual’s competence and skills the following topics are highlighted:

Time management


Self management


Team building



Proactive leadership



Organizational behavior


Communication skills


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