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Sustainable Lifestyle

In today’s world, our lives are full of fast paced pursuits. The modern factories, offices, travel in buses, cars & airplanes take a toll on the mind, body & soul. The toll is so severe that we often end up in neglecting the harmony between body and the mind. Chronic stress and trauma affect individuals’ work performance and the functionality of their personal lives, thus having a high impact on the medical system and the economic development of the country.


Grace Inc. has developed “Sustainable Lifestyle” Packages, in consultation with leading medical and psychology practitioners in Bay Area to promote a more natural and holistic lifestyle based on harmony between the body, mind and the nature around us. These packages are designed from ancient oriental and western techniques alike, such as pranayam (breathing exercise), yoga, awakening release meditation, Sedona method, Music therapy etc.


In addition, such packages are also towards individuals who have experienced trauma and suffer from chronic stress and/or depression to help them manage it on a day-to-day basis. The programs target general stress management for the Silicon Valley and Bay area demographics. Both programs put a strong emphasis on overcoming stress-related disabilities, such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) and anxiety. Towards this purpose, standardized stress and depression evaluation tests are conducted in the beginning of the two programs and later again after three months.

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